The Truth About The Amityville Horror

Ronald Defeo Killed His Entire Family In This House And The Lutz’s Fled The House After 28 Days. What Really Happened In That House In Amityville?

The Amityville Horror was one of the most memorable and creepy horror movies in 1979. In it, a wholesome American family buys the house of their dreams at a knockdown price. 28 days later they would flee in abject terror from a house that dripped evil.

George and Kathy Lutz became short-lived celebrities following the publication of their book that detailed what happened during those 28 days. The movie was based on that book. They were accused of making the whole thing up, especially as the family who moved into the house after them reported no such demonic issues or weird events in the house.

Prior to the Lutz’s owning the house, the Defeo family were in residence. Son Ronald killed his father, mother, two brothers and two sisters with a shotgun one night. He is still in prison for the killings. These facts are known. Defeo has given several varying accounts of how the murders were carried out, but hearing voices telling him to carry out the murders or being possessed was not one of them.

The Lutz’s claimed that the house was built on an Indian burial ground and that a dark spirit from it possessed and haunted the house and intimated that the spirit drove Defeo to kill his family.

Ed and Lorraine Warren were among the very first investigators in the controversial haunting. This husband and wife team (Ed is now deceased) were the subject of the 2013 movie, The Conjuring, where the Annabelle doll is also mentioned. Lorraine is on record as saying that the Amityville haunting was not a hoax.

So What Really Happened In the Amityville House? Watch To Find Out…


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