Slender Man – Urban Legend…Or Not!?

Do You Believe That People Have Seen Him?

People became aware of the Slender Man phenomenon after two 12-year old girls attempted to kill a friend of theirs as a sacrifice to the creature. Only last week, a judge decided they should be tried as adults rather than children, given the severity of the crime. They now face the prospect of life behind bars.

Slender Man is allegedly a fictional supernatural character that originated as an Internet meme by Eric Knudsen. He is depicted an an unnaturally tall and thin man with a featureless face (creepy in its own right) and a black suit which may be a nod to “The Men In Black” that appear frequently in UFO lore.

Also known as Slenderman, this creature commonly stalks, abducts or traumatizes people, especially children. And when children disappear, no trace or evidence is ever found.

Some say this entity has existed for centuries and that Knudsen merely capitalised on an existing legend. Others claim they have encountered the entity in real life…

Watch the video and decide for yourself…

Kids Have Discovered Slenderman Online – See The Result On The Next Page


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