Sensational Videos Show UFOs Crossing In Front Of The Moon!

Are These Intelligently Controlled Craft?…

Here’s some remarkable videos that seem to show some UFOs zooming across the face of the Moon. They appear to be in Earth (possibly low Earth-) orbit, rather than lunar orbit but are essentially being backlit by the Moon.

The first video shows a dark object that takes 45 seconds to cross the Moon’s surface…

This next video is even more strange. It seem to show a UFO that’s firing thrusters or rockets of some kind. The guy who shot the video believes this to be a spaceship under intelligent control, in orbit and firing its thrusters/engines in front of the moon – and beyond.

The UFOs were captured a cameraman who goes by the name of Crrow777 and spends many days videoing the sky documenting what he finds.

While some image manipulation such as adjusting contrast/brightness, inverting colors and zooming in are carried out, he claims to never post any hoax footage.

In the second of the clips, he says: “I am not saying this is an alien, but it is a ship being intelligently controlled.

The object are not satellites, he says, because they take almost a minute to pass the moon’s surface.

Man made objects orbiting the earth would take just two or three seconds, he claims.

What do you make of the clips?


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