Man Survives Spontaneous Human Combustion

Rare Case Sees Man Survive Normally Fatal Event…

Spontaneous Human Combustion (SHC) is the term given to cases where people apparently burn from within rather than from an external fire source.

In many cases, the whole body or the majority of the body is consumed. The odd thing about SHC is that while bodies burn, the surroundings seldom catch fire. There is localised damage but the burning body does not appear to be an ignition source for a major fire.

How the human body can spontaneously combust is currently an open question and many in the medical community deny that such a thing can even happen. There’s some suggestion that the human body can act as a wick for the fat in it and that in such cases the body tissues burn at a low temperature over an extended period and that enough heat is not generated to set the surroundings on fire. An external ignition source, like a dropped cigarette is assumed to initiate the event.

Cases are very rare and almost always result in a fatality. However, in the case outlined in the video below, no such ignition source was found and the man in question, though severely burned in this SHC event, did survive.

Watch This Spontaneous Human Combustion Survivor’s Story…


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