Mad Scientist Invented WiFi!

We Have Nikola Tesla To Thank For The Electricity Distribution Systems That Power Our World!

When you think of electricity, you think of Thomas Edison. But it was not he who gave us the electricity grid as we know it today. Edison championed Direct Current (DC) whereas Nikola Tesla, a Hungarian genius, determined that using Alternating Current was the only way to transmit electricity over large distances.

Tesla was so far ahead in his thinking that today we’re still only catching up. He believe that electricity could be transmitted through the air, like radio signals and we could do away with all the wires and pylons that criss-cross our landscapes. Engineers are investing that possibility right now.

He also made predicition about the possibility of wireless communication in 1890, predating Marconi’s invention/discovery of radio by several years. Of course WiFi is now prevalent today throughout our homes.

Tesla was the archetypal “Mad Scientist” and a showman of some repute. he ran experiments on a grand scale.

Later in life, he made claims concerning a “teleforce” weapon after studying the Van de Graaff generator.The press called it a “peace ray” or “death ray”. Tesla described the weapon as being able to be used against ground-based infantry or for anti-aircraft purposes. This was not a laser-based weapon.

Tesla gave the following description regarding the “particle gun’s” operation:

[The nozzle would] send concentrated beams of particles through the free air, of such tremendous energy that they will bring down a fleet of 10,000 enemy airplanes at a distance of 200 miles from a defending nation’s border and will cause armies to drop dead in their tracks.

He claimed to have worked on plans for a directed-energy weapon from the early 1900s until his death. In fact, he claimed that he had built and tested a working model and had tried to offer it to the US War Department, the United Kingdom, the Soviet Union, and Yugoslavia. No one was interested. At least npo openly. Tesla claimed his room had been searched for the blueprints but the thief didn’t get what he was looking for as Tesla had kept the design in his head and never committed it to paper.

His records indicate that the device is based on a narrow stream of small tungsten pellets that are accelerated via high voltage. So not a particle weapon as we think of them today.

Over his life, he took out many patents and amassed aa small fortune which he ploughed back into hi research. Despite his undoubted genius, Tesla died alone, destitute and forgotten in 1943.

Watch This Documentary To Get a Flavor of This Enigmatic Mad Scientist And What He Achieved Following His Own Path…


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