Ghost Caught On Baby Monitor Camera

Shocked Dad Sees Orb Floating Over New Baby…

Orbs – the floaty things people are always seeing in haunted places. You expect them in the dead of night, not to be practically waving at the camera as they pass by in the middle of the day!

New dad Jonathan Murphy was routinely checking how his 8 week old daughter, Rosie, was doing. While bending over her cot, his baby monitor recorded him on its camera.

When he played the video back he and Rosie’s mum, Victoria, were shocked to see a blurred white light appear on screen before appearing to form into an orb-shape which then floated over Rosie.

Whatever the apparition was, it has not reappeared.

So, a spectral spirit just passing by, or simple an out of focus reflection from something in the room?

See What You Make of Jonathan’s Video…

Source: The Express


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